Willie Mae's Tax Service


In our offices, you are a person, not a number. We take your tax matter personally. An appointment is an opportunity to make a friend…and take the stress out of income tax filing for the taxpayer. There will probably always be changes to the tax codes, with over 63,000 pages in the tax code, what you pay us for is to understand how these changes will affect your tax situation.

Willie Mae was the founder of our business. She set the foundation for the family business in the 1970’s. In 1983, she broke away from the corporate tax world and opened the business “Willie Mae’s Tax Service”. Her policy to “meet a client and leave a friend” has been sustained. We are obligated to continue her legacy by finding the best tax breaks available without overcharging.

Debbie Fincher is Willie Mae’s Daughter. Elizabeth Ray and Shanna Fincher are her granddaughters. Mrs. Willie Mae McDougald has been deceased since 1996.